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Refund policy

Please read the following conditions. Your use of this site represents acceptance and acknowledgement of the provisions set fourth by Liquor Land.

All sales are final. No customer-requested returns are accepted in any way as mandated by California Law. If a cancelation is issued, the order will incur a 10% fee.


We will not offer any refunds or reshipments of any items for orders that have been shipped past 30 days. All order issues/claims should be submitted to us within the 30 day timeframe. 


Shipping Insurance

  • All orders must purchase Liquor Land shipping insurance. Orders without shipping insurance will not be issued any reshipments, refunds, or store credit in any way.
    • As of September 22, 2022 shipping insurance is calculated into the shipping cost and will not be a separate item to purchase. All orders from this date will automatically have shipping insurance with the purchase of the order.
  • Shipping insurance is non-refundable once your order has been shipped.
  • Shipping insurance covers bottle(s) lost in transit, damaged in transit, or damaged upon delivery. 
  • Shipping insurance does not cover failed deliveries, stolen packages, nor cosmetic damages.

Failed Deliveries

  • In the event that an order is returned to the shipper due to any of the following reasons:
– order refusal
– order cancellation
– rerouting the package to shipper
– rerouting package to a different address
– no pick up from UPS location
– invalid or incomplete address provided at checkout
– courier attempted delivery and no one or no persons above the age of 21 was home
– a chargeback was placed on an order that is in transit
– lack of accepting order in any way


The customer is liable for all shipping charges, including an additional return shipping fee. Initial and return shipping costs are non-refundable, and will be subtracted from the total amount of the order. Refunds are processed within a calendar month of the returned delivery date to Liquor Land. If shipping costs are higher than the item costs, no refund will be issued.


*If the delivery box is damaged, please accept the delivery and email us at customerserivce@liquor with a photograph of the delivered package. A reshipment of the damaged goods will be sent to you at no additional cost to you. All refused packages (even if UPS personally notifies you the items are damaged upon delivery) will incur a loss in shipment fees.


  • We do not offer refunds on shipping costs as Liquor Land is not responsible for any carrier shipping delays. In the event that the customer no longer wants the order while the package in transit, the customer is liable for all shipping charges.
  • Liquor Land will not provide any refunds for orders that have been submitted with the incorrect shipping address. Once in transit, we will not reroute the package. Address changes are not guaranteed once the order has been placed. Please double check all information prior to checking out. 
  • Liquor Land is not liable for any packages that have been stolen. All orders deemed delivered by UPS will not be reshipped or refunded. This includes all orders, with or without shipping insurance. No refunds or reshipments will be issued even if a UPS claim is approved for a lost package that has been delivered.
  • To claim a lost package in transit, a full 7 days must have passed since the last scan or update on the provided UPS tracking link. 
  • Custom orders (i.e. custom labels, engraved bottles) that return to our warehouse due to a failed delivery will not be refunded. However, the customer can pay an additional shipping fee to have the bottle reshipped.

Damaged Goods

  • Damages to any cosmetic defects are not covered by shipping insurance. Original packaging is dependent on supply and not guaranteed on every purchase (unless stated). Photographs of the listed item are not guaranteed to match the delivered product. 
  • Any quality issues with an item must be taken up with the manufacturer of the product. Liquor Land does not guarantee quality control for the liquid inside the bottles and/or packaging gimmicks (i.e. light-up, voice recording, etc.)
  • If the bottle seal is broken but the seal is not fully opened and/or there was not significant leakage, a partial refund will be issued of 10% of the bottle. 
  • If the seal is completely off the bottle and the bottle shows no damage, no refunds will be provided. 
  • Damaged cork upon opening is a manufacturer error, and will not be covered under shipping insurance. Please contact the item manufacturer directly for this issue. 
  • In the event of a missing, broken, or incorrect item upon delivery, Liquor Land requires photographic evidence of the original packaging and items. Refunds or replacements will not be processed without photographic evidence. For missing item orders, we require a photograph of the box it got delivered in. For broken, damaged, or incorrect items we require photographs of the bottles that clearly show the breakage (Chipped, non-leaking bottles will not be provided with reshipments or a full refund). In the event of no photographic evidence, the customer must repackage and return the bottles to the warehouse to recieve any store credit or refunds. This includes all orders with insurance. The amount of refund or store credit is at the sole discretion ofLiquor Land.
  • Liquor Land does not cover any recipient-caused damage (example: customer dropped the bottle).
  • In the event of broken or missing orders in transit, orders will be offered a refund with the shipping insurance cost deducted (2.12% of order cost) from the refund or a reshipment will be issued at no additional cost to the customer.


Incorrect Goods

  • Liquor Land will require photographic evidence to proceed with any claims. (If the bottle is opened and/or liquid is missing from the bottle in the photograph, no refunds or reshipments will be issued.)
  • In the event the product received is not what was ordered, Liquor Land will ask for the incorrect item(s) to be returned & delivered to our warehouse via a prepaid return label prior to sending refunds or replacements. All returned bottles must be unopened/undamaged for any refunds or reshipments. Customers may be offered a 15% discount on the retail price of the incorrect bottle to keep. We do not offer discounts of more than 15% off incorrect bottles. If the ordered item is out of stock, a store credit for the amount of the purchased item will be provided.
  • If a prepaid return label is provided, only one label will be provided. Any additional labels will require payment. 
  • All gift messages that were not paid for will not be included in the shipment nor recieve any refunds.
  • Missing bows will be refunded- not reshipped.
  • Liquor Land does not guarantee the product photographs to look like the delivered product. Please always rely on the product title and description when purchasing. 


Corporate/Event Orders

  • In the event a cancelation is requested prior to shipment, a 30% cancelation fee will be issued on total amount of the order.
  • If we placed a special order for your event and the bottle count is reduced prior to shipment, a 15% fee will apply to the refund amount for the reduced number of bottles.
  • No cancelations are accepted once the order has been shipped.
  • The policies set fourth under “Failed Deliveries” and “Incorrect Goods” within Liquor Land refund policy applies.


No refunds or replacement bottles will be issued once a claim or dispute has been placed on your order.


For any questions or inquiries, customers must email customerservice@liquor or fill out our Contact Us page. 

Liquor Land reserves the right at any time to modify any information on this website without notice. If you disagree with any of the content of this website, please do not use this website.

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